Why choose OVCA?

Our staff has created a warm and welcoming learning environment. Our teachers are caring & engaging and our students learn the essential academics integrated with biblically-based life lessons. Academy facilities are secure for the safety of our students and staff, and visitors must ring a bell to gain entrance.

Academy Core Values

The gospel is central to all we do. It motivates our desire to teach and learn with excellence. Faith in the gospel is the means by which we are adopted into a new, growing family. The gospel always leads His people to mission in the world. And the gospel will advance by great leaders who seek to make Jesus known among all nations.

Here are the values we uphold:

Gospel – We exercise gospel-centered education, developing a biblical worldview with Christ as the foundation for all of life.

Academic Rigor – We set high academic standards, with group focused, project-based learning, problem solving and critical thinking.

Family – We make disciples of families, not just students, focusing on people, building up and equipping them for growth in Christ.

Mission – We reach into the community, changing it from the inside out, empowering students for mission.

Leadership – We become spiritual, servant leaders and produce leaders for community and civic leadership to advance the gospel.


What sets OVCA apart?

  • Staff who are intentionally growing in their personal walk with Christ

  • Church who regularly supports and prays for our students

  • Dedication to service for and with our students

  • Small classroom sizes that allow for personal attention to our students

  • Low preschool teacher/student ratio so our youngest students get the extra attention they need

  • Academically challenging advanced curriculum

  • Learning environment formatted to encourage your child's personal success

  • Safe and secure facilities

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Enrolling your child at OVCA is truly an investment in their future.